Applications due:
September 6th
Cohort begins:
September 25th

Host a design team

At zero cost have a fully remote design team consisting of one senior designer and one junior designer work on your UX/UI business needs.
Free imbedded design team
Your commitment
hours / week

Receive first-rate design work while supporting equity.
Get a free remote design team that aligns with your needs
Our team imbeds a design team whose skills, personality, and aspirations perfectly align with your business and project needs. And the best part? It's all free of charge.
Access exceptional design talent skilled in modern design practices
We identify exceptional emerging designers, regardless of their educational background. We hand-select senior designers, who on average have 10 years of experience.
Support the next generation of diverse talent
The high cost of living and lack of economically sustainable jobs are driving people away from Hawaii. We need career-building opportunities that create pathways for new designers and ultimately diversify our economy with more high-paying jobs.
Host a design team for the next cohort
  • From Oct 9th through Dec 4th, 2023
  • Be available for your design team 2-4 hours per week via slack and/or video
  • Give your team access to existing products, metrics, and design files
  • Find users willing to take part in your team's research activities
  • Give consent for your designers to showcase project deliverables on their online portfolios as well as place ‘Product Designer’ on their resumes
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