Applications due:
September 6th
Cohort begins:
September 25th

Become an Intern

Get the real-world experience and mentorship you need to launch a successful career in UX/UI Design. Get paid for the hard work and time you put in.
Paid Internship
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hours / week
Become job-ready and land your dream role
Get the real-world design experience companies demand
In order to land your first job, you face the challenge of needing prior real-world design experience. We give you the platform to show that you’re ready.
Work with established companies and ship your designs
We pair you with design-forward product-led companies. Build out the robust portfolio you need based on actual deliverables and paying customers.
Learn from a seasoned mentor who meets you where you’re at
We know that working on your first project with a real client can feel overwhelming. That's why we pair you with a mentor who will guide you and provide constant feedback throughout the entire internship.
Become an intern for the next cohort
  • From Oct 9th through Dec 4th
  • Hawaiʻi resident or strong connection to Hawaii with a preference given to Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island descent
  • Basic understanding of UX/UI
  • Proficiency with at least one design tool
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